Legends of Tomorrow: Expect New Characters in Season 3

Due to the nature of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" -- with its time-traveling premise and ensemble cast -- an amount of change is inherent from year to year, as seen from the cast changes between season one and season two. This past season of "Legends of Tomorrow" has seen the addition of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Steel (Nick Zano), with a couple of season one cast members exiting the show.

According to "Legends of Tomorrow" executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer, adding new characters is "for sure" again the plan for season three of the DC Comics-based series, which has already been ordered by The CW -- although exactly which new faces will join the show may not yet be totally cemented.

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"We haven't fully pitched it, but we've got great ideas, and hopefully the studio and network agree," Klemmer told CBR earlier this month on the red carpet in Hollywood's Dolby Theatre before the show's PaleyFest panel. "But so much of the show is working well this year. You just want to play to your strengths, and keep having fun."

When speaking of the changes between season one and two, which have been lauded by many fans as a major improvement, Klemmer said that keeping the cast fresh has been a major element of the show's strengths.

"Season one, the pilot sends you on this course," Klemmer said. "It's like an ocean tanker -- you're not able to just flip it around. So what really helps is being able to do a clean restart. That's something we intend to do next season, because it worked so well this past season. We added two new characters, we had two characters that sort of fell out of our orbit -- obviously Wentworth [Miller] has fallen back into our orbit. That's the wonderful thing about this show. The only thing that has to remain is the Waverider. It's a time travel show, so the only thing that's not going to change is that it always changes."

A consistent quality of "Legends of Tomorrow" is its ability to embrace its potential for fun, between the time-hopping adventures and the interactions between its cast. For Klemmer, it's exactly what he needed during a divided, tumultuous time in society.

"In a weird way, it became the show that I think people really needed in this past year -- at least it's what I needed," Klemmer told CBR. "When you're writing an episode, it's pure escapism. You can do anything you want. 'The Right Stuff' is my favorite movie, and last week I had an episode about the Apollo space program. Where else would I have been able to do that?

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on The CW, with a new episode, "Doomworld," on tonight.

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