"Legends of Tomorrow" Crew Celebrates Arthur Darvill's "Doctor Who" Legacy

Rip Hunter isn't the only time-traveling adventurer that "Legends of Tomorrow's" Arthur Darvill has played. For almost three series, Darvill portrayed Rory Williams -- one of the Doctor's trusted companions -- on the hit BBC series "Doctor Who." During that time, Darvill came face-to-face with one of "Doctor Who's" most enduring villains -- the Daleks. And now, years after leaving the TARDIS behind, a Dalek has found its way to Arthur Darvill's current home at "Legends of Tomorrow." Sort of.

The "Legends" crew cobbled together a Dalek facsimile, outfitting it with bright lights and a comedic speech bubble. It may be more adorable than terrifying, but it's still a Dalek.

The crew of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW are trying a little too hard to make me feel like I'm at home. Slow clap. Thanks guys.

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Arthur Darvill's current adventures as the Time Master Rip Hunter kicked off in last night's "Legends of Tomorrow" premiere, which you can read a recap of here. "Legends of Tomorrow" airs on Thursdays on the CW.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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