Will Legends of Tomorrow Finally Address Constantine's NBC Cliffhanger?

The mystical forces of Heaven and Hell have aligned to give Arrowverse fans something they've been clamoring for: A whole lot more John Constantine.

Earlier this week, word broke that Matt Ryan has been upped to the status of series regular for a potential Season 4 of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow, news that's as surprising as it is exciting. Ryan reprised his role of the chain-smoking demonologist in this past February's mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow to great fanfare, and was quickly confirmed for two more episodes, including the Season 3 finale.

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Before that, the character's only other Arrowverse appearance was on a single episode from Arrow's fourth season, where Ryan was first able to reprise the role from NBC's cancelled 2014-2015 Constantine series. So far, Constantine's Arrowverse presence has been as a tool, a powerful and useful ally in a mystical fight the Legends don't really understand. This trend will surely continue in his next appearances, but once Ryan joins the cast of the series full time for Legends Season 4, he will finally -- and rightfully -- be able to stand on his own once again, and drive his own stories.

In fact, perhaps now fans of the character and his canceled series could finally be able to find some closure. All it would take is for Legends of Tomorrow to dedicate some time to pick up on some threads from the characters' solo series' unresolved cliffhangers.


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