Legends of Tomorrow Just Paid Off a Constantine S1 Storyline

Legends of Tomorrow John Constantine

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Terms of Service," the latest episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine's plan to save Ray Palmer from hell just went sideways. In "Terms of Service," the penultimate episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, the Master of the Dark Arts approached Satan and his cronies about making a deal for Ray's soul. However, they threw him for a loop when they asked him to choose between Ray -- or Astra Logue, the girl he failed to save in NBC's Constantine series.

When Constantine approached Satan, he was a man with a plan. Since Neron wanted to overthrow Satan and rule hell, Constantine offered to stop the fear demon in exchange for Ray's soul. That way, Satan and his cronies wouldn't have to lift a finger, while Constantine and Legends got Ray back.

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Satan came back with a counter-offer: why not Astra too? Constantine leapt at the chance, but Satan pulled back immediately. He told Constantine that he could choose either Ray or Astra, but not both. Worse, Satan snapped his fingers and both souls appeared, begging Constantine for help. Constantine couldn't help himself; he chose Astra.

This ended up being a major mistake. Astra appeared, but she wasn't the little girl Constantine tried to rescue in the NBC series. She was much older, and -- worse -- she wasn't very interested in being rescued. She refused to go back to Earth with him, "Looks like the deal is null and void," Satan said with a devious smile. "Neron is a thorn in our side, John, but torturing you is too much fun."

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"Would you rather I stayed that terrified little girl, crying and waiting for you to come rescue me?" Astra asked. "I would have been waiting a long time."

"I am so, so sorry, love, but this place, it's twisted you," Constantine replied.

"If anything, it's made me more like you," she spat back. "You chose wrong. You should have saved your friend." With that, she invited another demon in, who proceeded to torture Constantine with a large blade.

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In the Constantine series premiere, the title character had flashbacks to his failure to save Astra, a little girl possessed by a demon. She was accidentally damned to hell when he botched an exorcism. This incident haunted Constantine throughout his own short-lived series and into his appearances on Legends of Tomorrow.

So, when given a chance to rectify that mistake, he took it -- and he might have sped up his own damnation by doing so. Worse yet, both he and Ray are now stuck in hell, leaving the Legends short-handed as they move into the final fight against Neron.

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