Legendary Wants Joe Cornish to Take on 'Skull Island'

One of the big surprises of Comic-Con International was the announcement of Skull Island, a Legendary Pictures movie that tells the origins of King Kong and his birthplace, surrounded by dinosaurs and other mysterious creatures.

Equally mysterious: the creative team. No announcements were made at the convention about who is writing, directing or starring in the project. As it turns out, that's  because no one is yet in place — at least as far as director goes.

However, Deadline reports one filmmaker has an offer to bring Skull Island to life: Joe Cornish. He's responsible for the 2011 sci-fi action film Attack the Block, starring future Star Wars lead John Boyega. Cornish also co-write the original screenplay for Ant-Man alongside Edgar Wright, although that project has taken different direction following Wright's departure.

Skull Island is scheduled for released on Nov. 4, 2016.

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