Legendary unveils Shane Davis' cover for 'Epochalypse' #1

Legendary Comics has debuted Shane Davis' cover the first issue of Epochalypse, the upcoming sci-fi adventure written by Jonathan Hennessey and drawn by the Superman: Earth One artist.

Set in a dystopian world where a space-time phenomenon causes 600 years of history to collapse into one era, forcing societies from the  past, present and future to coexist, Epochalypse centers on a defiant Resynchronization Officer -- part of an elite team tasked with ridding futuristic artifacts that threaten the laws of time -- who leads a manhunt for an elusive scientist and a notorious outlaw in a bid to save history.

Epochalypse #1 goes on sale Nov. 19.

Epochalypse #1

Writer: Jonathan Hennessey

Artist by: Shane Davis

Release date: 11/19/14

Retail price: $3.99

Page count: 32

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