Legendary Acquires Film Rights to Nate Simpson’s Nonplayer

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Legendary Entertainment has acquired the rights to adapt Nate Simpson’s Image Comics series Nonplayer into a film. According to Deadline, the script for the adaptation will be penned by Thor: Ragnarok writer Eric Pearson, who is also known for his work on ABC’s Marvel’s Agent Carter show.

Nonplayer has something of a curious history. Simpson began turning heads in 2011 when Nonplayer #1 released. The single issue netted Simpson many accolades, and even an Eisner Award as a newcomer to the industry. It took four years for a second issue to be released. At one point, Nonplayer was optioned by Warner Bros. and a duo of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows producers, David Heyman and Roy Lee, but those plans never came to fruition. For the most part, though, Nonplayer went radio silent.

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That is until 2015, when Nonplayer #2 released. Simpson said back in 2015 that his goal was to have all seven issues of Nonplayer released by 2020. Now, he can add a movie to the bucket list.

Nonplayer follows Dana Stevens, a tamale deliverywoman who lives her fantasy life online in a roleplaying game. After Dana slays a major character, the game’s artificial intelligence goes haywire and starts spilling out into the real world. The drastic change to reality means that Dana can’t log out, so she has to level up in real-life if she wants to survive.

There's is no release date or casting information for the Nonplayer film at this time.

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