Legendary Lands Rights to Dune Adaptation

Ever since the commercial failure of the 1984 adaptation of “Dune," fans of the critically-acclaimed novel have been clamoring for a better film to come out. The original film is such an embarrassment that director David Lynch used a fake name in the credits of some cuts. Now, it looks like someone else will try and do the property justice.

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Legendary Entertainment has announced (via Variety) that it has acquired the right to produce a television series or motion picture for the novel from the Frank Herbert estate. According to the agreement, the projects would be produced by Thomas Tull, Mary Parent and Cale Boyter. Brian Herbert, Byron Meritt and Kim Herbert would serve as executive producers.

Set in the “distant future," “Dune” tells the story of a family that gains control of Arrakis, a desert planet that holds a surplus of a drug known as “the spice." Soon after, the family are betrayed, and must lead a rebellion to restore their control over the planet.

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There's no word yet on what Legendary plans to do with the franchise (as stated, the agreement allows for either a TV series or a film), but it wouldn’t be shocking to see the company move forward on something quickly, considering the property's popularity.

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