Legendary Effects Artist Rick Baker is Retiring

The massive "Rick Baker: Monster Maker" auction that kicks off today in Los Angeles marks the retirement of the legendary Hollywood special effects and makeup artist.

The seven-time Oscar winner, whose career spans four decades and includes "An American Werewolf in London," "King Kong," "Thriller" and "Men in Black," closed his 60,000-square-foot studio and sold the building last year. His last film credit was for Disney's "Maleficent."

"I said the time is right, I am 64 years old, and the business is crazy right now," Baker told KPCC. "I like to do things right, and they wanted cheap and fast. That is not what I want to do, so I just decided it is basically time to get out. I would consider designing and consulting on something, but I don't think I will have a huge working studio anymore."

The auction, organized by the Prop Store, features more than 400 items from Baker's career.


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