Legendary Creator George Barris Laid to Rest in '66 Batmobile-Inspired Casket

George Barris, the man responsible for designing the iconic and much-loved '66 Batmobile, was laid to rest yesterday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, in a casket inspired by his very own creation. Barris passed away earlier this month at age 89, surrounded by his family.

CBR posted the following photo of Barris' casket on Instagram, which features an airbrushed '66 Batmobile on its side and specially-made fins on top, in honour of the creator's work:

Legendary car kustomizer and'66 #Batmobile creator George Barris was laid to rest today at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles today. Never did I think I'd say this, but this kustomized casket - complete with a Batmobile air brushed on its side and wings on top - is amazing. RIP George. Photo by Jason Cervantes.

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Barris was referred to as "The King of Kustomizers" for his famous car designs. Apart from designing the Batmobile driven by Adam West on the '66 "Batman" TV series, Barris also kustomized the cars for "North by Northwest," "The Time Machine," "The Munsters" and "The Beverly Hillbillies," among other properties.

To make his most iconic creation, Barris famously bought a 1955 Lincoln Futura for $1, and transformed it into the '66 Batmobile within a mere 15 days. Barris built the car on a budget of $15,000. After the show ended, Barris put the Batmobile on display at his custom car shop in North Hollywood.

For more information on the '66 Batmobile, and all the Batmobiles for that matter, check out CBR's infographic that details every key design for the car since 1939.

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