Legendary Acquires Film Rights to AfterShock Comic Animosity

The AfterShock Comics series Animosity by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de LaTorre has been optioned by Legendary Entertainment.

While no director or writer is attached, the planned film adaptation will be produced by Legendary executive Jon Silk and AfterShock's CEO Jon Kramer and President Lee Kramer.

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Debuting in August 2016, Animosity is set in a world where animals suddenly gain increased sentience, leading them to be able to communicate directly with humans and take revenge for millennia of abuse. As the world descends into chaos, a young girl and her devoted dog embark on a cross-country trek from New York to San Francisco to find the one person who can protect them.

A critical and commercial success upon its debut, Animosity spun off Animosity: Evolution, also written by Bennett, with art by Eric Gapstur. Additionally, a three-issue miniseries depicting the dawn of animals' sentient boost, Animosity: The Rise, written by Bennett with art by Juan Doe, was launched in January 2017.

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Bennett has been visible presence at AfterShock ever since the publisher's creation in 2015, having created the launch title Insexts with artist Ariela Kristantina.

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