'Legend of Korra' Returning to Nicktoons Lineup

Four months after Nickelodeon unexpectedly pulled The Legend of Korra from its broadcast schedule, opting instead to stream episodes online, the cable channel has announced the fan-favorite animated series is returning to television.

A trailer posted this morning on the show's official Facebook page trumpets the Nov. 28 "television premiere event," with a new episode airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nicktoons. The accompanying text states simply, "Book 4 is premiering on Nicktoons starting this Friday! New episodes will still be premiering every Friday on Nick.com."

The response in the comments can perhaps be best described as dubious, with one fan writing, "now they wanna support the show?" Another asked, "What is Nickelodeon doing?!"

Following a tumultuous start to the third season -- one marred by episode leaks, an early trailer and little promotion -- Nickelodeon abruptly pulled the remaining five episodes from its television schedule and streamed them online. Although many fans feared the worst, The Legend of Korra did return for its fourth and final season, which premiered Oct. 3 on Nick.com

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