Legend of Conan: Fast & Furious Writer Reveals Plans for Shelved Sequel


Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as the Cimmerian warrior in 1982's Conan the Barbarian, with the franchise attempting a reboot in the 2011 film of the same name. However, the Jason Momoa-led reboot was a flop at the box office, resulting in talk of a sequel to the original making the rounds.

Fast & Furious writer and producer, Chris Morgan, was slated to helm the new sequel, titled, The Legend of Conan, but the project never got off the ground. With the release of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, Morgan is now shedding new light on his failed plans to bring Schwarzenegger back to the Conan franchise.

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"We were kinda going to do basically Unforgiven with Conan where he's not the strongest guy in the world anymore," Morgan said in The Hollywood Reporter newsletter. "The point of the story is that even with old age, you're still valuable even if you're not the strongest thing in the world. Conan used to be the strongest, but now he's got to be smart."

The Legend of Conan would have taken place 30 years after the events of the 1982 film, with the sequel planning to show a softer side to the Barbarian. Unfortunately, the new movie wound up being too expensive for Universal to produce, though Morgan adds, "It might happen in another life, we're looking into it.”

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Directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2) from a script by longtime Fast & Furious veteran Chris Morgan, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby.

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