Legacy: 15 Marvel Comics That DESPERATELY Need To Return

It’s been a divisive few years for Marvel comics. After Secret Wars ended, seemingly rebooting everything, Marvel’s been stumbling a bit. It’s repeated a few older comic events and garnered a lot of heat for turning icon of liberty Captain America into the leader of Hydra. But Marvel comics weren’t always like this. Don’t you remember when they were fun and good, filled with heroic heroes and vile villains? It used to be an age of Marvels. But now...

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Where are the days of Marvel past? Where’s the sense of Legacy? As of the end of Secret Empire, we’re going to get everything we wanted and more, with the series-wide "Legacy," Marvel’s answer to DC’s soft reboot, Rebirth. Marvel Legacy is coming and everything is coming back with it. It promises to be a return of Marvel comics to days of old -- doing what they do best and not repeating event comics ad nauseum. If you have ever loved a Marvel character, Legacy promises to bring them back. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our best hopes and dreams about what’s to come.

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Marvel Women Angela
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Marvel Women Angela

Angela had three series -- Asgard's Assassin, 1602 Witchhunter, and Queen of Hel -- all of which told a long and complex tale about her life and love with Sera, the magician. However after Queen of Hel, Angela dropped off the map. She's appeared a few times since, notably in Bendis/Pichelli's 2016 Guardians of the Galaxy (where Sera was... missing?). However, she needs her own comic book.

She's a tour de force character. She was created by Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman back in Spawn #9, and appeared in Spawn dozens of times, before spinning off into her own miniseries. When Marvel got the rights to her, they wisely gave her a series right off the bat, but after a few years grew lazy. She's a dynamite character, ripped from another universe -- give her a freaking comic book, guys!


Fantastic Four group shot

Fantastic Four is what created the Marvel Universe (in Fantastic Four #1 all the way back in November 1961) and when the universe ended with Secret Wars, they took off for parts unknown to fix the universe. But that was about two years again, with their last appearance in Secret Wars #9 back in 2015. It's time for the Fantastic Family, the true and most defining members of the Marvel Universe, to make their triumphant return.

If they don't, what is this Legacy? Without them, there is no Marvel Universe. Without them, it's pointless to celebrate a Legacy. Without them, is it even the Marvel Universe at all? We need Reed, Sue, and their children to come back to the Baxter Building and save the Marvel Universe one more time.


Steve Rogers has been gone for a long, long time. He first became an incredibly old man (back in Captain America Vol. 7, #22) who was useless as a superhero and then almost as soon as he came back (in Steve Rogers: Captain America #1) was revealed to be a member of Hydra. While some people believe that Sam Wilson should be the only Cap now, the fact is that Marvel was never going to let that stand.

Steve Rogers couldn't stay in retirement for long, but he hasn't really come back yet. If Marvel is going to insist on including Steve Rogers in comics, can't it be the Sentinel of Liberty we all know and love? Can't it be the real Star-Spangled Man with a Plan, instead of Old Man Winters or Captain Nazi? Please?


Kirby Quiz Thor

Listen, we're not saying we want Jane Foster's Thor to go away. We don't, we have absolutely no desire for that to happen. She's amazing, and has been since her first issue back in Thor Vol. 4, #1. But we miss Thor. He's been running around in different series as The Unworthy Thor, or the Odinson. He's been unable to wield his hammer -- and has decided to team up with Hydra Cap since Cap can lift Mjolnir -- since Original Sin #7, when he learned that no gods were actually worthy.

Since then he's been scrambling around, attempting to find his place in the cosmos. The thing is, we all know his place, on the end of Mjolnir. So when Legacy rolls around, let's hope the God of Thunder has learned how to wield Mjolnir again (and that Jane manages to get that Ultimate Mjolnir which is, admittedly, much cooler looking).


Daken hasn't been around for a long time. He's the son of Wolverine, but evil. He's also a bisexual weirdo who killed the Punisher, all of which is awesome. When Legacy comes back, we're hoping that all of Marvel comes back -- the good and the bad. That includes the weird, edgy son of Wolverine. Sure, he's appeared in the All New Wolverine, and has come to terms with Laura taking up the mantle, but this guy needs his own book again.

Just think of the parity between him and Jimmy, Ultimate Logan's son, who recently appeared in X-Men Blue! How would Daken feel about that? Hopefully, with Legacy coming around, we'll be able to see a new, interesting Dark Wolverine series about the one man who is the best at what he does, even if what he does is freaking horrible. Wolverine is gone, but his son isn't.



Astonishing Ant-Man was a great series about a character whose identity is currently taken by Scott Lang, the same guy Paul Rudd portrays in the MCU films. In the films, his mentor is Hank Pym, the original Ant Man, but at the moment, Hank Pym is a bit... different. See, back during the OGN, Avengers: Rage of Ultron, Hank Pym merged with his creation, Ultron, and became one weird organism that has hate in its heart, but also humor.

This version of Hank was pretty much out of the picture until the most recent issue of Secret Empire, in which Tony Stark's team -- including Scott Lang -- broke into his fortress. After seeing Scott Lang's interactions with Hank Pym in Secret Empire #4, all we want now is a book about the two of them teaming up. Can you imagine a comic about Hank Pym/Ultron working together with the wise-cracking ex-thief as they both attempt to rediscover how to become Ant Man? It'd be genuinely the coolest.



Heroes for Hire is, at the moment, sort of in the comics, only now it's under the title Defenders. It's got a lot of the same characters as the original, as well as a similar tone, but it's not quite right. For one thing, the version of Heroes for Hire we're suggesting to bring back isn't the original -- it's the team that was prominent during the original Civil War, featuring Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Black Cat, among other awesome female heroes.

This type of female-centered, down to Earth group could work as a counterpoint to the Defenders, function as a form of the A-Force -- another series that we'd be okay seeing again. Long story short, Misty Knight needs to lead her own book and her own team: Heroes for Hire would be the perfect book for that.

8 Sentry


The Sentry is a bit of an odd duck. He has all the powers of Superman, but a much darker secret. He was created back in 2000 with the first issue of his self-titled series. But, he's actually been around for a long, long time. According to his series, he's been in the Marvel Universe since the very beginning -- helping the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and even earning Peter Parker a Pulitzer -- but no one can remember him because... he's also The Void.

The Void is the internal evil counterbalance to the Sentry's good, and in order to save the universe, he had to erase all presence of himself from the world. Eventually he comes back, as a hero, a villain, and a hero again. No matter what, Sentry is an interesting character -- a fresh, if problematic take on Golden Age Superman. That is something Marvel could certainly use right now.



As one of the oldest... heroes? Villains? Whatever he is, Namor has been around since 1939, spending his time fighting with the Fantastic Four before teaming up with them, and then working with the Avengers to save the multiverse before joining the cabal to destroy almost all of it. One time he destroyed Wakanda and another time he helped save the world. Plus, he's hot but he lives underwater!

Namor is a bundle of contradictions, an amazing character, who hasn't had his own series since 2011, when he had a brief miniseries that wasn't particularly noteworthy. He's one of Marvel's oldest characters and if the series wants to live up to its name Legacy, it'll bring back one of their legacy characters and make him again one of the prominent members of the Marvel Universe.



The Marvel Knights line was an imprint that served, more or less, the same function that Young Animals does for DC now. It was an in-canon series of books, with big characters like Daredevil and Spider-Man, that told darker tales than normally existed in the mainstream Marvel Universe. It was a way to go dark, but not outside the realm of comics. It lasted from 1998, until 2013 -- although it was near the beginning that it's best work came about.

Mostly it served as a place where you could write crazy stories that still mattered and write dark tales with big-time superheroes. We're in a time where comics are becoming more and more interesting; if Marvel wants to keep up, it's going to need a line for new, interesting creators. Why not bring Marvel Knights back?


The New Avengers is a version of the Avengers formed by -- originally, in New Avengers #1 -- lower level heroes, such as Luke Cage and Spider-Man, to protect the world during the time when the Avengers had fallen. Later, during the new volume of New Avengers, written by Jonathon Hickman, they became a secret group of Avengers working to protect the world in secret.

Either way, the group is a cool, down to Earth, and fun group representing the Avengers, with characters that don't normally team up. If we're getting Legacy back, odds are we're going to be getting our old school Avengers back as well. But characters like Kamala Khan, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, and Miles Morales need a team... why not the New Avengers?



Iron Man died but he never really left. All right, that's not really true either. During Civil War II, he was punched so hard he went into a coma, but he hasn't stopped appearing, due to an advanced AI that has been around helping his protege, Riri Williams, who goes by the name Ironheart. This TONAI has started controlling his older suits and moving around in them.

So, it's not like Tony Stark has completely left the building, but he's different. Recent issues of Invincible Iron Man have started to suggest that this AI might slowly be turning evil or at least more beligerent. But the problem is more than that -- Tony is an important part of the Marvel universe. We need him back on his feet, and in the iron again.


The Thunderbolts is an ever changing group, but they have had one thing in common -- all of them are hardcore characters, normally villains, ganging up together to help save the world. It's an interesting tale to tell, and a solid structure that almost any characters could slot into. Unfortunately, the latest incarnation of Thunderbolts ended with issue #12 -- during which Bucky Barnes died and the Cosmic Cube (the McGuffin of the currently running Secret Empires event) shattered into pieces.

The comic has just ended, but it needs to come back -- it's one of the most interesting and exciting series in all of Marvel. With Legacy bringing back dozens of characters, Thunderbolts will have a huge choice of characters to fill its roster. Heck, even the original team -- led by Zemo -- could come back. Now that's what we call Legacy!


The Eternals flying through the air

The Eternals have had a rough time. The group was created by Jack Kirby back in 1976 and appeared in their self-titled first issue. Despite being created by the King, the group of creatures -- evolved beings created by the Celestials, the same beings who made the Inhumans -- never quite fit. A bunch of truly talented creators have tried but the series has never managed to grab ahold of readers -- not even when Neil Gaiman came over to work on it.

However, they should definitely come back for Legacy because they are an integral part of the Marvel Universe, created by Jack Kirby, and now could be the time that, finally, someone manages to make an Eternals comic worth reading. Legacy is about a return to the old Marvel ways but with startling new stories, so now is the perfect time for Eternals.



The Ultimate Universe has been gone since the beginning of Secret Wars... but has it really? The universe began back in 2000, with Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley's Ultimate Spider-Man #1. After that it rapidly expanded, becoming a universe where new, unique stories could be done, chances could be taken, and things actually mattered. It was a universe where, for instance, if Cap turned out to be a Nazi, it would just be a cool story as opposed to a flame war that will last forever.

But the main reason it needs to come back is because it seems to still be around -- Ultimates2 is teasing that they'll show it, Miles Morales is from it and so is Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine. With all of these characters and all of these stories, Marvel is becoming a mess. There's one quick way to clean it all up and make Marvel great again -- and that's the Ultimate Universe.

What Legacy titles do you think should show back up in the Marvel Universe? Let us know in the comments!

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