Legacies Unveils the Dirty Truth About the Ascendant - And Who It Leads To

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "I'll Never Give Up Hope," the Season 2 Premiere of Legacies.

Josie and Lizzie Saltzman finally have some answers regarding the Merge and a mystical relic called an Ascendant that their father, Alaric, has kept hidden from them. However, that doesn't mean the twins will necessarily like those answers.

"I'll Never Give Up Hope," the Season 2 premiere of Legacies, filled in some blanks regarding the Ascendant relic previously seen on The Vampire Diaries, which Alaric has kept hidden from Josie and Lizzie. Not only do the siblings know its dirty little secrets, but they also know it leads to their sociopathic uncle, Malachai "Kai" Parker.

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The Saltzman Sisters are spending their summer break separated, with Lizzie visiting Aunt Bonnie in Europe while Josie watches over their dad in Mystic Falls. However, they manage to spend time together with a magical device that allows Lizzie to teleport back home. Lizzie fills Josie in on what she's learned about the Ascendant from Aunt Bonnie: the twins created it when they were five years old. For now, that's all Aunt Bonnie has told them, but Josie finally learns the truth when she confronts Alaric.

Their father tells Josie that the Ascendant is a lock to a prison world, where their uncle Kai, the only living member of their lunatic family, is trapped. Since Kai has experienced the Merge, he will have the answers they seek on how to survive it. However, Kai also murdered his twin sister Jo on her wedding day to Alaric, which is why Josie handed it back over to him. The reason Alaric has kept the truth from his daughters is the Ascendant is only a last resort option to keeping them both alive.

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Alaric understandably wants to keep Josie and Lizzie as far away from Kai as possible. He was the black sheep of the Parker Family, mainly because of his designation as a Siphoner. Kai has killed all of his siblings, so there is nothing stopping him from doing the same to his nieces. The only question is will the lure of the Ascendant be too much for Lizzie or Josie to resist? Especially as we move closer to their 21st birthday.

Airing Thursdays at 9 pm ET on The CW, Legacies stars Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman, Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman, Quincy Fouse as Milton Greasley/MG, Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby, Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael Waithe and Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman.

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