Left Unresolved - Why Did Jean Grey and Psylocke Switch Powers?

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Today, we look into why Jean Grey and Psylocke switched powers.

Chris Claremont returned to the X-Men titles with X-Men #100 and Uncanny X-Men #381. His debut story took place after a "six-month gap" where various changes were made to the characters. The idea would be to jump in with the characters in their new status quos and then slowly fill in the blanks as to what happened during that six month period. However, Claremont's tenure on the book ended up being so short that he never really got to address a lot of what happened.

One notable thing was that Jean Grey and Psylocke switched powers. Jean Grey's telekinesis went to Psylocke, while Psylocke's telepathy went to Jean.

We see this in action with them in the first issues, like Uncanny #381, where Jean notes her loss of telekinesis by borrowing Cable's...

And in X-Men #100, where we see Psylocke use telekinesis that she never had before...

And Colossus notes about the change...

(By the way, of course Psylocke still has a psychic knife...


Claremont planned an annual or a mini-series or even just a story arc to address the power switch, but it never happened.

So it's just a mystery now.

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