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Left Unresolved – The Daredevil Foe Who Literally Went Nowhere!

by  in Comic News Comment
Left Unresolved – The Daredevil Foe Who Literally Went Nowhere!

In this feature, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved. Click here for an archive of all storylines featured so far.

Today, based on a request from Richard M. (although this is a classic that I was planning on addressing anyways, but Richard wrote in with it, so he definitely deserves credit), we look at the unresolved mystery of who the heck Sky-Walker was and where the heck was he walking to (other than, you know, the sky)…

Here’s the title page of 1975’s Daredevil #128…

The basic plot of the issue is that the Daredevil villain, Death-Stalker, has shown up at the Science Pavilion to steal some stuff to make a weapon. However, at the same time, some mysterious being has chosen that same spot to start his walk to the stars.

So he begins his walk just as Daredevil shows up to confront Death-Stalker…

They then have a big ol’ fight, using the steps created by Sky-Walker as props in their battle. It’s all really pretty cool, honestly. Good stuff from Wolfman, Brown and Janson…

And that’s it. You now know as much about Sky-Walker as anyone. Except, I suppose, for his name, which we only learn the following issue…

But even there, that’s just what Daredevil decided to call him. We never learn his official name.

Almost exactly fifteen years later, in Quasar #16, Mark Gruenwald, Mike Manley and Dan Panosian had one of those classic Gruenwald story arcs, where Gruenwald revealed that the Stranger had a bunch of obscure Marvel characters prisoner and that’s why we haven’t seen them since. The Squadron Supreme and Quasar help these people escape, and we briefly see someone that must have been intended to be Sky-Walker…

But that’s it.

Marv Wolfman was asked by the always amazing Kuljit Mithra on Mithra’s essential Daredevil website, Man Without Fear, about Sky-Walker, and this is what Wolfman had to say:

KM: In issue #128, there is a character (who I call ‘Sky-Walker’) who is walking around on ‘light’ and watching the battle DD is having with Death-Stalker. From what I remember, he was supposed to return, but he never appeared again in any of your issues. What were the plans for this character?

MW: The sky walker was going to lead into DDs first real SF story. I felt DD needed something more than I was giving him. I was never very happy with my DD–I never found the thing that made him mine the way Frank Miller did a year or two later. So I was trying to find things to do that interested me and therefore, I hoped, the readers. Ultimately, I couldn’t find anything that made DD unique to me and asked off the title. Fortunately, Frank Miller came in after me and rejuvenated the title.

Sadly, the most startling character in the annals of Marveldom has never had a follow-up. Charles Soule, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you!

That’s it for this edition of Left Unresolved! If YOU have a suggestion for an interesting comic book story that was left unresolved, drop me a line at (not in the comments section)!

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