Left Unresolved - Is There More Than One Miles Morales in the Marvel Universe?

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Today, based on a suggestion by reader nightsking666, I look into the sort of open question of whether there is one Miles Morales in the Marvel Universe or are there more?

Miles Morales was an adolescent who was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider (from the same batch of spiders where one bit the Ultimate Peter Parker) that Miles' uncle had stolen from the laboratory. Miles gained superpowers and when the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, died, Miles decided to follow in his footsteps. Nick Fury and the Ultimates stepped in and basically told him, "Quit it," but then he proved himself and they decided to give him a chance. They even gave him his own costume in Ultimate Spider-Man #5 (by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli)....

Miles fought the good fight as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe.

Miles was one of the first Ultimate Universe character to interact with a Marvel Universe character when he crossed over with the Marvel Universe Peter Parker in the hit mini-series Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, as Peter Parker gets stranded in the Ultimate Universe...

At the end of the series, after returning home, Peter looks up HIS universe's Miles Morales, and gets a surprise...

Originally, Bendis was going to introduce Peter's Miles Morales with the intent of having that Miles become a good friend of Peter's and a supporting cast member over in Amazing Spider-Man. That did not happen.

Secret Wars eventually DID happen and when it was over, the Ultimate Universe was destroyed and only the "Prime Marvel Earth" was left. How did Miles get lumped in?

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