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Left Unresolved – Did The Avengers Forget That They Left a Country in the Control of a Powerful Villain?

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Left Unresolved – Did The Avengers Forget That They Left a Country in the Control of a Powerful Villain?

In this feature, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved. Click here for an archive of all storylines featured so far.

Today we look at the Avengers villain who took over a country and the Avengers just left him there.

Sean Dolan first appeared in Roy Thomas’ 1990 Black Knight series. He became Black Knight (Dane Whitman)’s squire. The Irish young man continued as a supporting character with Black Knight whenever Black Knight would show up in places.

In 1993’s Avengers Annual #22, writer Glenn Herdling and artist Scott McDaniel took part in Marvel’s “Create a character” Annual theme from that year (an approach that led to very few long-lasting characters and a famously ironic statement by Mark Gruenwald about how these characters were built to last, unlike Squirrel Girl). They took Sean Dolan and made him take on Black Knight’s ebony blade (which Black Knight had stopped using at the time in favor of basically a lightsaber that he had built himself) and become Bloodwraith…

He fights Black Knight for free passage (in the fight, Dane actually gives him his name) and wins…

He shows up again in Avengers #366 (in a story by Herdling) where Deadpool tries to steal the ebony blade, leading to a three-way fight…

The story is kind of messed up, as Dane’s former love interest, Victoria Bentley, sacrifices herself to the ebony blade, guessing (correctly) that her pure soul will sate the bloodlust for now. That was a weird, weird sacrifice.

Herdling used Bloodwraith again when Herdling became the writer on Namor’s ongoing series. Herdling seemingly brought the character full circle in an Avengers Unplugged story where Bloodwraith gained the alternate reality ebony blade of the Avengers villain, Proctor, and became the BLACK Wraith. In the end, he gives up Proctor’s sword and the Avengers decide to let him go, content in his claim that he’ll control the curse.

Meanwhile, in 1994, a small country named Slorenia was introduced in the pages of Force Works #4…

A few years later, in Avengers (Volume 3) #19-20, Kurt Busiek and George Perez had Ultron destroy the entire country…

Go to the next page to see how these two stories intersected!

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