Lee & Turner provide variants for "Superman/Batman" #1 and "Superman" #205

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Two of comics' hottest art teams turn the tables on each other in May, as Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald provide a variant cover for SUPERMAN #205 (MAR040293) and Jim Lee & Scott Williams provide a variant cover for SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 (MAR040294).

"I've known Mike since he started in this business but we haven't been able to work on anything together. Having helped set up the deal which brought his incredible talents to DC, I didn't want to miss my chance to do something together," says Lee. "It's a blast jumping in on their storyline and also getting to work with my old bud, Jeph. Here's hoping that this cover swap is just the first of many cool collaborations down the road."

"I am really excited about this idea," says Turner. "I've enjoyed Jim's work for years, and we've talked many times about doing something together. It's so cool to have that competitive fire again. Comics isn't a contact sport but I love seeing something awesome and going back to my desk to try and come up with something even better. That's a tough chore with Jim but I'm having a blast trying. I am having so much fun right now working with DC, and cool things like this make it even more fun!"

Please note that all orders on both SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 and SUPERMAN #205 will be filled with covers by Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald (50%) and Jim Lee & Scott Williams (50%)

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 (MAR040294) and SUPERMAN #205 (MAR040293) are both available for advance reorder. SUPERMAN/BATMAN #10 is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 19. SUPERMAN #205 is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 26.

Retailers may order additional copies of these issues now by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative or DC Sales Representative, or by email at reorders@diamondcomics.com.

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