'Leave it to Chance' returns this July

[Leave it to Chance #13]Image Comics announced today that the popular series by James Robinson and Paul Smith "Leave it to Chance" will be returning with all new issue starting in July. Issue #13 of the series will be a will be a 48-page specialpicking up where the last issue published, #12, left off.

Originally published in 1996 as part of WildStorm's Homage Comics line, "Leave it To Chance" told the supernatural tales of young Chance Falconer. The book was an all ages series that won great critical and fan praise plus both

Eisner and Harvey awards during its original 12-issue run. When DC Comics acquired Wildstorm in 1998 it left "Leave it to Chance" in a state of flux with the four-part story that began in issue #12 unfinished.

In addition to this announcement Image added new details about the "Leave it to Chance" reprints. Each collection will feature four issues of the original series and will be collected in a set of oversized hardcovers similar to the collections for the classic European comic "Tin Tin." The first volume will hit stores in June, Volume 2 in October and Volume Three in February, 2003.

Following the release of issues #13 - #15 "Leave it to Chance" will continue as a series of hardcover books featuring all-new material to be released on an annual basis.

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