'Leatherface' Origin Film Debuts A Bloody First Poster

A new poster for Millennium Films' "Leatherface" offers fans of the franchise their first glimpse at the child who will one day become one of cinema's most feared -- and popular -- killers.

The poster features a shot of a young boy's legs standing in a pool of blood above his reflection, which includes a particularly evil looking chainsaw. It also offers the film's first catchphrase, "Witness the beginning of your end," and a subtitle: "The origin story of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury from a script by former CBR contributor Seth M. Sherwood, the film stars Stephen Dorff, Vanessa Grasse, Sam Strike and Lili Taylor. The story centers on a violent teen who escapes a mental hospital with two other inmates, kidnaps a girl and sets off on a hellish road trip. Dorff will play Hal Hartman, a Texas Ranger with a vendetta against the teen.

When “EastEnders” actor Sam Strike was cast, it was presumed he’ll play the future Leatherface, but talk of the film indicate there’s a mystery element to the story, as the audience will try to figure out which young psychopath in the story grows up to be the iconic killer.

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