Learn the Secrets Behind the Marvel Studios Logo Redesign

Perception, the designers behind the newest Marvel Studios logo, recently revealed the process they used to redesign the iconic opening sequence..

Marvel Studios approached Perception with a request to design the new logo in January 2016. According to Perception, the design request was broad and came with only one directive from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige: "to combine the brand and the iconic characters into a single image, showcasing the heroes within the letterforms of the Marvel logo."

"Perception would accomplish this by taking cues from the brand equity of the past, while showcasing the growth and expanse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe," the design page reads. As such, Perception and Marvel worked together in order to capture the feeling of the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe in one concept called "How To Build A Universe."

The new logo design was created to touch on the major points of adapting Marvel's comics to the big screen. Beginning with the familiar flipping pages montage, the animation builds on the comic book foundation of the movies before transforming into a script, which the writers use to take the comics on to the silver screen.

The logo then moves into the concept art stage of filmmaking by showcasing the concepts of many characters from the MCU, including Iron Man and Black Panther. Perception then linked the concept art to the films by featuring the actors that brought the movies to life in a series of quick scenes. The animation ends when it zooms out to the redesigned Marvel Studios logo that Perception also had a hand in creating.

Marvel Studios' new logo was revealed during the "Doctor Strange" trailer at San Diego Comic Con on July 23, 2016. It will appear at the beginning of every MCU film for the foreseeable future.

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