Leaked 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Soundtrack List Reveals Spoilers

The full soundtrack list for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has been made available on Amazon France, revealing some minor spoilers, and quite possibly the overall shape of the movie's plot.

Courtesy of Stitch Kingdom, here's the potentially spoiler-y list of tracks that feature on the album, which hits stores December 18:

1. Main title and the attack on the jakku village2. The scavenger3. I can fly anything4. Rey meets bb-85. Follow me6. Rey’s thème7. The falcon8. That girl with the staff9. The rathtars!10. Finn’s confession11. Maz’s counsel12. The starkiller13. Kylo ren arrives at the battle14. The abduction15. Han and leia16. March of the resistance17. Snoke18. On the inside19. Torn apart20. The ways of the force21. Scherzo for X-wings22. Farewell and the trip23. The jedi steps and finale

While nothing on the list a major giveaway -- alongside the recent promo clips, TV spots and teasers -- you can pretty much guess the basic plot of "The Force Awakens" by now. Regardless, you can bet director JJ Abrams and his team have plenty of surprises still to come our way...

You can pre-order the CD on Amazon, here. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits screens December 18.

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