League of Legends Comics Coming From Marvel & Riot Games

Riot Games is collaborating with Marvel Comics to produce a series of League of Legends graphic novels.

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games of the modern era, and a fixture in the pro gaming circuit. The inaugural graphic novel will serve as an origin story for Ashe, one of the very first characters from the fantasy game.

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The story will follow Ashe as she tries to juggle her responsibilities as a future leader of her people with the massive expectations of her mother. The comics debut of Riot Games writer Odin Austin Shafer, League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother will feature art by Nina Vakueva (Heavy Vinyl).

“We love comics as a way to tell stories because it gives League of Legends fans an opportunity to see the world of Runeterra and not just read about it," Greg Street, head of creative development at Riot Games, said in a statement. "We see similarities between the League of Legends Universe and the Marvel Universe, as both of them feature an array of characters with compelling and diverse backgrounds.”

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League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother will be serialized monthly on digital platforms, beginning Dec. 19. The stories will eventually be collected and released in trade paperback form in May 2019.

League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother


Written by Odin Austin Shafer

Art by Nina Vakueva

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The first full-length comic series in the League of Legends universe, delivering an epic journey through the Freljord!

Raised in the savage wilds of the north, Ashe is an Iceborn, a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her frozen homeland--and burdened by her mother’s fanatical expectations. When they set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth, bonds are broken, secrets come to light, and Runeterra is forever changed. Will young Ashe become the leader her people need? Or is destiny merely an empty dream?

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