Lea Hernandez Reclaims Web Site URL

[DivaLea.com]At long last, Lea Hernandez is coming home. Online, anyway.

CBR News readers likely remember how "Killer Princesses" artist Hernandez lost her Web site URL when it lapsed for a brief moment, and then was snatched up by an Internet porn site.

This month, Hernandez got the URL, DivaLea.com back.

"Thanks to everyone who contributed to the divalea.com ransom, or simply sent notes of encouragement," Hernandez said in an open letter to fans and supporters. "You may now once again access DivaLea.com without fear of casino pop-ups or come-ons to see Christina Aguilera's breasts.

"The moral of the story is this: renew your domain well before expiration, don't use Domain Discover or Network Solutions if you can help it (and DON'T WRITE ME and tell me how great they were to YOU, they did shitty by ME), and paying the cheap crook and getting what you want is better than paying the expensive one and getting nothing.

"Oh yeah: you can't recover losses from most domain registrars, re: Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act http://www.oppenheimer.com/internet/cybersquatting.shtml. Note that under this law 'domain name registrars such as Network Solutions Inc. will enjoy immunity from suit with respect to the 'reasonable' registering, suspending, canceling, or transferring domain names.'

"Essentially, they screw up, too bad. Give them as little chance to do so as possible. My lesson came relatively cheap and short. Someone else's might not. And, for the record, I encourage anyone who gets their domain squatted to make an offer and pay to get it back via Escrow.com. The squatter gets nothing until you have your domain back. You get your domain back, unlike ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) arbitration, which costs $1,000. takes up to a year, and has no guarantee whatsoever.

"Like I said: one crook or another."

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