Lea Hernadez URL swiped

Don't go to Lea Hernandez' Web site. At least, don't go to her regular URL, the one you've seen in the Comic Wire time and time again.

Lea doesn't live there any more.

"Some dirtbag grabbed divalea.com during a period of time when I was attempting to move it from Network Solutions to Domain Discover," Hernandez said in a statement released late Sunday night. "The scuzzbucket in question took the domain, name recognition, reputation I have painstakingly built for two-plus years and it now points to a porn site. For the time being, DivaLea.com can be found at: www.sillyprincess.com/lea

"PLEASE change any links on your site accordingly, until the requisite arses are kicked to fix this. I have contacted an excellent copyright attorney, and expect to have this resolved speedily.

"It's distressing in the extreme to know the URL on my books, Web indexes, and graphic novels will lead people the tack and sleaze. Please help me to make sure this happens as little as possible and pass this along, release and repeat it as much as possible AND CHANGE YOUR LINKS."

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