Lawrence & Pratt Struggle To Survive In First Passengers Trailer

It took a while to arrive, but the first official trailer for "Passengers," starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, is finally here.

The first look at the anticipated film opens peacefully enough, with Preston [Pratt] using a small robot to send a dinner invitation to Aurora [Lawrence]. She accepts, but Preston worries that the robotic request wasn't impressive enough. The two meet at a lounge, and then reveal the gravity of their situation.

They're both on a colony ship called the Avalon. The ship's passengers and crew were in an extended state of suspended animation. Somehow, Aurora and Preston awoke a full ninety years before reaching their destination. It's been a year since they emerged from stasis, and their attempts to re-enter hibernation have been unsuccessful.

That's the least of their worries, though; as more of the ship starts to malfunction, it seems like they'll have to rely on trust and teamwork to get to find out what is going wrong and potentially correct it.

Morten Tyldum, famous for "Headhunters" and "The Imitation Game" directed "Passengers." The film, also starring Martin Sheen and Laurence Fishburne, is scheduled for release Dec. 21, 2016.

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