Law & Order: Special Artists Unit

There's just one more day to enjoy These Are Their Stories, an exhibit of art based on the TV show Law & Order, at Gallery Meltdown (inside Meltdown Comics) in Los Angeles, but hopefully the art will continue to live on on the internet. The contributing artists, including Kate Beaton, Box Brown, David Malki, and Chip Zdarsky, each drew a work of art based on a capsule description of a Law & Order episode. Some of the pieces, such as Nate Carle's Ring Identifies Attacker, are whimsical, while others, like Michael Kupperman's A Young Woman Escapes a Polygamist Cult, draw more directly on the show and its familiar characters. The exhibit is the work of Brandon Bird, who has a strange fascination with America's favorite cop/court show; he has a whole gallery of Law & Order-inspired work online, including a Law & Order coloring book and SVU valentines.

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