Laura Vandervoort Hints at 'Bitten's' Biggest Villain to Date

Although Syfy announced it won’t renew the supernatural drama “Bitten” for a fourth season, star Laura Vandervoort isn’t ready to bid farewell to her character, werewolf Elena Michaels, just yet.

“I like to keep the door open with the thought that she's not gone yet, and neither is the Pack,” the “Smallville” alum told SPINOFF ahead of tonight’s Season 3 premiere. “We were really looking forward to the new season airing, and proud of the incredible fans that we've amassed. The fact that they want us back, that they are creating their own hashtag, #howlforme, is amazing.”

Based on author Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld” novels, “Bitten” follows Elena, the world’s only female werewolf, and her pack. After defeating the sociopathic sorcerer Aleister in Season 2, Elena experienced a harrowing premonition of herself drenched in blood with her Stonehaven home burning.

In "Bitten's" third, and final, season, Elena must make sense of her vision while dealing with imminent dangers that threaten to tear the Pack apart.

Spinoff: Season 2 culminated with Elena and the Pack killing the evil sorcerer Aleister. Where do we find Elena when things pick up?

Laura Vandervoort: The third season actually picks up a few months after our finale in Season 2. In the last few seconds of the finale, Elena has a premonition of things to come. It was her in the Great Room, sitting in Jeremy's chair, covered in blood, and the house is in flames. That was pretty shocking for her to see. She's still reeling from that and dealing with the fact that if this is a premonition, how can she prevent it from coming true. She's keeping this secret from the rest of the Pack because she doesn't want to have them see her in a different light.

On top of that, she becomes almost at odds with Jeremy in the way that he's handling and leading the Pack. She doesn't agree with his methods. He almost becomes what his father was to him, thinking more in a vengeful light and turning into somewhat of a monster. She's at odds with him, which on the flip side puts her at odds with Clay, who sees Jeremy as his father, his protector and, ultimately, the man who created him.

There's a lot of lines being drawn in the sand between Pack members, as well as some new characters that come in this season. They will change the way Elena sees herself and who she is, how she was raised and where she really belongs. This new character also puts her even more at odds with Jeremy.

Last year, they dipped you in that bathtub full of blood. In the promos this season, Elena is wearing a white gown and her arms are covered in blood. As a horror fan, how much fun was it replicating that iconic “Carrie” vibe?

Yeah, I keep saying how much I felt like Carrie while we were shooting that. The finale last year was the last day of shooting; I had lost my voice. Thank God there was no dialogue, but, we went out with a bang. They dropped an entire bucket of blood on me as I sat there. We shot it, and it was a lot of fun. This season, the promo images and videos that you have seen are reflective of Elena's journey, her empowerment and her taking the lead. Elena is trying to be the woman that she feels she is destined to be, but, at the same time, controlling as much as she can around her.

Elena died before the witch Ruth magically resurrected her, even at the expense of Ruth's own life. Will there be side effects to that near-death experience?

No, there's no physical or emotional effect from that except for Elena's guilt over what Ruth did for her. We definitely move on, focus on the Pack this year and getting back to the basics on the family and the interactions. Also, we have Russian and Spanish pack members and leaders from all over the world coming into this story and causing some trouble.

Do you consider these Mutts the new big bad?

I don't want to give too much away. As with every season, there is someone, something or some people causing the Pack trouble. I think it's our biggest bad, evil presence that we've had to date. This is a bigger threat because it's much closer to home for Elena.

Clay and Elena shared some tender moments. How is that relationship going to progress, and what kind of hiccups will they encounter?

The ultimate goal for Clay and Elena has been a life of normalcy – to move on, be together and have that white picket fence, which is seemingly impossible due to the world they live in. Clay and Elena's love has always been deep and real and true. It's been tested time and time again, but it will be more torn apart than we've ever seen it because she's dealing with the choice between duty and family. The fact that she's at odds with Jeremy really impacts Clay and her relationship with him. Every season, they are torn apart, but they always find a way back to one another, to understand one another. This season it's really difficult for them.

Some viewers may be unaware of your background in martial arts. What can you tease about how they've amped up the action this season?

John Stead is our stunt coordinator. You read the page in the script, and it's a couple of sentences and what the fight is. Then John creates a 10-minute fight sequence that is beautiful and almost like a dance. He uses every tool around him on the set to incorporate into the fight. He is also able to stylize fight scenes to the character. Elena is very hand-to-hand combat. It's smooth, whereas Clay is an animal. He smashes everything. We do have a lot of that this year with some incredible fight sequences.

One in particular that I had a lot of fun with was in the kitchen where I use every tool in there. One scene later on involves a chain. That was the scariest fight for me because a chain becomes an extension of someone's arm. It's hard to gauge how far it's going to go or how quickly it's going to whip at you. I do have a lot of fun doing fight sequences.

What are you going to miss the most about playing Elena and living in the "Bitten" universe?

If I was going to say goodbye to Elena, I would obviously miss her. But, more than anything, I would want to thank her for helping me grow as a human being, an actor, as a woman and with my confidence. She helped me work with that on camera and off. I definitely love our cast and crew and writers. All the boys on the show have become my true family. I couldn't ask for a better Pack to share the rest of my life with.

“Bitten” returns tonight at 11 ET/PT on Syfy.

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