Laura Benanti Joins CBS' "Supergirl" as Alura Zor-El

Deadline reports that Laura Benanti has signed on to play the recurring role of Kara's Kryptonian mother on CBS' in-development DC Comics-based "Supergirl" series.

Much like Superman's father Jor-El, Alura Zor-El -- a Kryptonian noblewoman -- will guide Kara on her path to becoming Supergirl, despite death and light years of distance.

Benanti will star alongside Melissa Benoist, who was recently cast in the titular role, and Mehcad Brooks, who will play Jimmy Olsen.

The show looks to fill a number of other roles, including Alex Danvers, Kara's foster sister; Cat Grant; Kara's co-worker Wynn Schott; and Hank Henshaw, who becomes Cyborg Superman in the comics.

In addition to her role on "Nashville," Benanti is a television veteran who has also appeared in "Law & Order: SVU," "Nurse Jackie," "Go On" and "The Playboy Club."

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