Latour & Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen Run Ends in July

For three years, Marvel Comics has put out monthly issues of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen. What began as a simple one-shot during 2015's Spider-Verse event, wherein an alternate universe Gwen Stacy did not die, got spider powers and became a hero in her own right, has become something of a phenomenon. Her adventures with her original creative team will be coming to an end this summer.

Ahead of Marvel's July solicits, Latour has announced that July's Spider-Gwen #34 will mark the end of his and Rodriguez's time on her solo adventure. Latour was quick to stress that the book is not canceledbut there was always a way that he and Rodriguez wanted it to end, so they decided to take that chance. The final issue of Gwen's book will have her facing her "biggest battle yet," one that she'll have to do without her secret identity or mask to hide behind.

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Since Spider-Gwen's debut, she has appeared in media outside of comics. She showed up in both Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man cartoons, and has transferred over to several video games as a playable character, including Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. At one point during Disney Infinity's heyday, she was meant to be included, but the game was shut down before that could happen.

“All I can say is it's been an incredible journey,” Latour said in a press release. “A little itch in the back of our minds became a one shot that lasted 41 issues as of issue #34, spanned across nearly every form of media, and inspired countless cosplayers and artists. Gwen Stacy changed our lives forever -- and now she gives us one last gift -- the chance to wrap her story up the way we always intended.”

Spider-Gwen #34 will be available for purchase in comic shops on July 18.

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