Latour, Rodriguez to Stick with "Spider-Gwen" Following "Secret Wars"

Thanks to that old Stacy luck, writer Jason Latour, artist Robbi Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi will continue to hang with Gwen in Marvel's post-"Secret Wars" universe. Announced on IGN, Latour, Rodriguez and Renzi will continue to chart the course for the runaway hit character with the release of "Spider-Gwen" #1 this fall, which takes place after the universe-altering "Secret Wars" event.

The first volume of "Spider-Gwen" launched earlier this year and released five issues before being swallowed up by "Secret Wars'" destructive incursions. However, despite all the creative team shuffling occurring on many of Marvel's other books following the event, "Spider-Gwen's" creators will stick around on the title. It also sounds like things pick up right where they left off in the team's last issue -- which was released earlier this month. Since "Spider-Gwen" is set in another universe and will remain so post-"Secret Wars," that confirms that there will still be some sort of multiverse after the event.

"There are still a lot of loose ends from 'Most Wanted?' -- our first volume -- and we haven't forgotten them," Latour told IGN of the creative team's return to Earth-65. "Captain Stacy is still the only thing standing between Gwen and Frank Castle's NYPD and 'Matt Murderdock' is still out to, I guess you could say, 'get' Spider-Woman."

And for those fans for whom a comic isn't enough, Gwen's also making the leap to video games -- namely, Marvel's popular "Contest of Champions."

"Everyone who loves Gwen's 'punk rock teen attitude' will experience what it's like to kick butt in her own awesome style," Marvel Games COO Bill Rosemann told IGN. "Our friends at Kabam not only love Spider-Gwen just as much as we do, but they also know how loyal and passionate her fans are, so we're going all-out by building a whole new set of special moves that our favorite new wall-crawler deserves."

Spider-Gwen will debut soon on the free-to-play mobile platform fighting game.

Spider-Gwen spun out of Dan Slott's "Spider-Verse" crossover, which found alternate earth versions of the spider totem facing off against a multiversal threat. First appearing in Latour, Rodriguez and Renzi's "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2, Spider-Gwen hails from a world where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider and Peter Parker died attempting to become a hero sans spider-abilities. She rapidly gained popularity, so much so that she was given her own self-titled book with the same creative team. Her book has seen some wild takes on main Marvel Universe favorites, including Daredevil and the Punisher, and has been a sales hit for Marvel.

"Spider-Gwen" #1 is scheduled to arrive at retailers this fall.

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