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With a focus on key characters, and a goal of providing integratedinformation on all Marvel comic books and graphic novels in print, The House has completely upgraded Marvel.com! A visit to The House's official web-site will reveal not only a complete physical redesign, but also several new features. In addition to the free Marvel dotComics, the Marvel Buzz news section, the monthly "Comics On Sale" listings, a ToyBiz section, the free Comic Shop Locator service, our convenient subscription service, and information on Investor Relations, users will now find:

* Key character mini-sties, including sections spotlighting Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Hulk, Marvel Heroes and The X-Men;

* An info-packed Graphic Novel section -- including coverart and solicitation text -- on every collection currentlyavailable for order (grouped both by family and alphabetically);

* Concise character and/or team summaries of all ongoingseries;

* An updated press release and news stories list; and

* A re-organized Career Opportunities section.

"With an eye on providing Marvel readers with a more integrated andinformative site, we've been working for weeks on a complete revamp,"explained managing editor David Bogart. "And when readers see the pages of product descriptions that are fully-integrated with the latest Marvel publishing schedule, they'll see that Peter Mathews and the Marvel.com team hit the bullseye."

"The primary goal of the site upgrade was to create a simple way forMarvel.com's different users -- readers, retailers, toy collectors, movie fans, etc. -- to access information pertinent to them in no more than two-to-three clicks," explained Mathews. "Additionally, we attempted to create a means through which users could both get up to speed -- and stay on top of -- Marvel's ever-growing list of comic books and graphic novels. It was that goal of defining our key characters that inspired the idea for the mini-sites."

"Marvel fans will get an extra kick out of the mini-sites, which focus on our key families," said marketing communications manager Bill Rosemann. "Now X-Men readers -- with one touch of the mouse -- can explore an entire mutant-related section, complete with separate pages on core books such as NEW X-MEN and UNCANNY X-MEN, as well as X-related books like EXILES and X-STATIX! It's our way of spotlighting our top titles while also providing readers with information on the series that explore some of the more unique avenues of the Marvel Universe."

"Fans have been asking us for a comprehensive list of trade paperbacks and hardcovers that Marvel has available for ordering -- and here it is -- a pretty impressive list for a year and a half's worth of work," stated editor in chief Joe Quesada. "What's even more exciting is that this list will be constantly updated so, if and when you need to have the latest information on Marvel's backlist, it's merely a point and click away!"

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