Latest Trailer For <i>Immortals</i> Is All Action And Big Moments

For anything else you might have to say about Tarsem Singh's work as a filmmaker, there's no denying the man has a sense of style that is all his own. Even The Cell, the fairly detestable J-Lo-starring horror flick released in 2000, is immediately striking from a visual standpoint. Tarsem paints pictures on camera and then sets them in motion; that's always been a talent of his, and it's a talent that is on full display in the latest trailer for Immortals.

I'm not sure the latest trailer is going to sell any new fans on the movie, but anyone who was already sold is going to love having the chance to see more of what's in store for this November. The Greek myth-inspired story follows Theseus (Henry Cavill) as he does battle with the massive Titans and the mad king responsible for unleashing them, Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). Even if the rest of the movie is terrible, there's no possible way a knockdown brawl between Cavill and Rourke will suck. It's just science.

The Relativity Media release, which also stars Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, Isabel Lucas, Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff and John Hurt, opens in 3D on Nov. 11.



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