Latest Sony Leaks Reveal Possible "Aquaman" Director, "X-Men/Fantastic Four" X-Over and "Kraven's Last Hunt" Adaptation

The fallout from the massive hacking of Sony's servers continues, as The Daily Beast has now found emails that add further speculation on what Sony's future plans for "Spider-Man" might include. The leaked confidential emails also potentially spoil other studio's plans for their comic book properties, including naming the possible director of Warner Bros.' "Aquaman," and Fox's future plans for a "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" crossover.

The Daily Beast's first report deals with an 8-page document outlining a plan to reboot the "Spider-Man" franchise sent to Sony Pictures Entertainment's co-chairman Amy Pascal from Jeff Robinov, head of Studio 8. In the document Robinov advises against telling another origin story when the franchise is rebooted, and offers a list of filmmakers "that come to mind" to takeover the reboot. Some of the notable names include Brad Bird, James Gunn, Edgar Wright, as well as "The LEGO Movie's" Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have been mentioned in previous leaks to take on the Web-head for Sony.

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Rabinov also suggests that a future film could tackle "Kraven's Last Hunt," the story from "Amazing Spider-Man" #293-294, with Raboniv adding "In fact, Comic Book Resources polled their readers in 2012, and this storyline was voted as the single greatest Spider-Man storyline of all time." Robinov also makes the case for an adult Spider-Man jumping to the big-screen, writing, "It might feel fresh to see Peter Parker juggling with adult issues. He's done so in the comics for decades, and kids still found this fun to read."

The Daily Beast's second report is focused on an emails to Pascal from Michael De Luca, co-president of Columbia Pictures, and names Jeff Nichols ("Mud") as the director for 2018's "Aquaman" film set to star Jason Momoa, as well as plans for Fox's "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" franchises to crossover sometime in the future, adding that Sony should pursue a Spider-verse crossover:

"[Simon] Kinberg told me fox is steering Xmen and Fantastic Four into an eventual team up film," wrote De Luca in the email. "Seems to me maybe, since the Spider-man universe itself is deep, you guys should look at sinister six, new spidey, female movie and venom as linked pieces leading to eventual mega movie ala Feige and Fox and not stand alone single films. It's early in all these and you can still map out a blueprint for connective tissue."

"The Guardians of The Peace," the group taking credit for Sony leaks, allegedly released an eight batch of leaked information Saturday, and "is preparing a 'Christmas gift,' which will consist of 'larger quantities of data," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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