Latest 'Doctor Strange' Rumor: Jack Huston in Running For Sorcerer Supreme

Who needs Hamm when you have Huston?

That might be the philosophy driving Marvel Studios forward, as a new rumor has emerged about who's playing the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange. According to This Is Infamous, Boardwalk Empire veteran Jack Huston is a new contender for the role.

It's certainly not Huston's first rodeo in terms of the Marvel casting circuit: The actor was one of many contenders vying for Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. On looks alone, it's easy to see Huston with Stephen Strange's goatee and magical accessories. But does he have enough star power to elevate a character that mainstream moviegoers aren't yet familiar with? Or did the success of Guardians of the Galaxy put the question of "star power" to rest for Marvel?

With director Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange rumored for a 2016 release, fans can expect some casting announcements in the very near future.

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