Late Night with Seth Meyers Goes All in On Batman: Damned's Nude Scene

If there's one thing that will get the mainstream press talking about comics, it's controversial nudity. One such instance of naughty bits being put on display occurred in DC Comics' inaugural Black Label release, Batman: Damned #1.

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The issue includes a scene in which the Dark Knight, weary from a night of tracking down leads in a murder investigation, disrobes in the Batcave. If you've ever wondered what Bruce Wayne wears under all that armor, the answer is: "apparently nothing." While the scene is cast in heavy shadow, the result is undeniable. Everyone who picked up a print copy of the issue saw Batman's penis.

The revelation hit mainstream press quickly, and comedy shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers have been having a field day at the nude Batman's expense.

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While Meyers spends a decent chunk of his show's news segment tackling real-world issues like Hurricane Florence and the United States government's lack of preparedness, the last minute or so is spent specifically on Batman: Damned's nude scene, culminating in a total of three jokes -- and they're a pretty good three jokes at that.

In stores now, Batman: Damned #1 is written by Brian Azzarello. Lee Bermejo illustrates the issue's art and cover. Jim Lee drew the issue's variant cover.

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