Late Night with "Heroes" Kring & Panettiere?

With the conclusion of the inaugural season of "Heroes," NBC hosted a live blog with creator Tim Kring and everyone's favorite cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere. Over a thousand comments were left when the show's creator left a message last Thursday on the "NBC Heroes" blog calling for fans of the show to leave their own questions for the pair to answer.

The first question they tackled was that of "Heroes: Origins," the new spin-off series debuting next year. "The idea was to try to do about half a dozen episodes that are stand-alone episodes dealing with the origin stories of characters all around the world who are waking up with the discovery of these unique abilities," Kring said "They are not connected necessarily to the show 'Heroes,' but if you do watch or are a fan of 'Heroes,' you'll see tiny little clues that tie into the show."

Kring said he almost wanted to do, "Rod Sterling type of story telling. Cautionary tales and morality tales. Dealing with these people with unique abilities. So they're completely stand-alone episodes that don't follow a serialized formula."

Some of the stories in "Origins" can be similar to characters currently on "Heroes" and one of the people on "Origins" may be involved on "Heroes," eventually.

When asked for hints about Volume 2 of "Heroes," Kring responded that "the title of Volume 2 is 'Generations,' [meaning] we are going to deal with the idea of multiple generations of these people who have discovered their powers. Clearly, Hiro has landed himself in a very unique situation and expect the first part of next season to find him there dealing with new adventures." Also noting that "the fate of several of our characters is in the balance and you'll just have to stay tuned to discover what the ultimate outcome is."

When the subject of Uluru was broached, Kring noted that, "For those paying close attention, the first time we saw this image was in the pilot on the cover of the '9th Wonders' book that Micah was reading and that character lives in the world of '9th Wonders.' When and how we will deal with who that character is has yet to be decided in the writer's room. "

Kring spoke for a while about the symbol and the fact that there have been several explanations as to its origin, specifically that of how it was the combination of two Japanese symbols. The first being Godsend, while the other being that of Great Power. "If you're paying attention to the last 30 seconds of tonight's episode, you will see that that symbol showed up again in a very unique way, so the beginning of next season we will explore the ancient origin of that symbol."

When asked of a comparison between Heroes and his previous work on "Crossing Jordan," Kring said "The two shows are totally different species." With "Crossing Jordan" "each episode was a stand-alone episode that allowed you to break stories in different ways. So a writer could come in with a great idea and write that idea. We don't have that luxury on 'Heroes' since each story is so connected to the episode before it on 'Heroes.' Which means that every story can affect the next story. Which also means you have to be much more diligent about story lines since one thread can unravel a whole run of episodes. So, in that way, it's a much more difficult kind of story breaking to do on a show like 'Heroes.'"

Kring continued to discuss the differences in shooting with sets and on location, concluding that, "Both are tremendously satisfying...having a show on the air in this extremely competitive industry is incredibly satisfying."

When asked about fan input, he remarked that "The truth is, we try not to spend a lot of time worrying about the fan input because we are often very far ahead in terms of where are stories are from where the fans are watching the show - often 10 weeks ahead. So, often, when they're responding to something, we've already moved past that or answered their questions, which makes it hard to engage in a dialog cause we're in a different place." Thought he acknowledged the fact that what they try to do is "listen to the general trends of what fans are saying about the show so we can gauge if we're connecting with them. But in terms of specifics of the show, we don't really try to gleam too much from peoples' suggestions on the boards."

When one fan brought up the question about there being less gaps between the show, Kring found that "Interesting that someone brings this up, cause that was our thinking as well. One of the things that 'Heroes' does... as you notice Volume 2 started the end of tonight's episode, but by no means does Volume 2 have to be the entire length of Season 2. In fact, don't expect it to. It will end sometime in the middle of the season, wrapping up a story with it that will allow us to launch into a new storyline."

He also stated, "Carrying a long storyline over the course of one season can get very cumbersome and complicated for the writers and audience, so breaking it into smaller storylines will allow new viewers to join without feeling like they've missed too much story."

As for the question all comic fans were curious about, who would be coming to Comic-Con International in San Diego later this year, Kring said, "Everybody we can bring will come that day.

"The thing about Comic-Con is that it was very instrumental in launching the show, so this year is a big thank you to them when we come back. We'll have a big event with lots of things to hand out." "Heroes" fans, mark your calendars - Comic-Con International takes place July 26th - 29th..

Hayden and Tim continued covering topics such as Hayden's new album, crushing the dreams of fans that were looking for a relationship between Claire and Peter, and what it was like to have the entire cast together to film a scene. You can check out the entire live blog session at NBC's website: http://blog.nbc.com/heroes.

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