'Last Shot' characters in your Internet chat window

Official Press Release

STUDIO XD is proud to announce that Yahoo! Messenger is currently featuring a Last Shot IMVironment™. Studio XD's comic creation LAST SHOT (published bi-monthly through Image Comics) has been selected as a marketing partner, along with other top flight companies including Dilbert, Garbage, Nintendo of America Inc., PEANUTS, and Sanrio.

With IMVironments, a patent-pending technology, Yahoo! Messenger makes real-time communications even more personalized and expressive. And with the new Last Shot IMVironment, people can now see their conversations unfold panel by panel as each instant message conversation creates a new scene from Last Shot! Make Rev (a Gunner with twin Revolver's built into his hands) and Shindle (a bullet dodging outlaw) change expressions depending on which emoticon you type. Internet chatting has never been so fun!

If you use instant chat messengers or you're just looking for an excuse to finally use one, check it out! Download Yahoo! Messenger at:

or if you already have it, get the Last Shot IMV at:

For the official Yahoo! Messenger press release, please visit:

LAST SHOT the comic series is published bi-monthly through Image Comics. Created by STUDIO XD, proud affiliate of UDON.

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