Last Minute Holiday Shopping Courtesy of the CBLDF!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has a great variety of specialized presents for your favorite comic book fan (which can be yourself, it's okay to buy cool stuff for yourself) and since there is not a lot of time left to get stuff shipped in time for Christmas, NOW is the time to act on their great offers!

Here's a sampling of what they have to offer!

First, on eBay, they have a number of cool auctions. I'll spotlight a few of them.

They have the original art to an Age of Sentry pin-up by Nick Dragotta (here is the listing)...

They have a bunch of cool sketches of musician Amanda Palmer by a few different artists, including Terry Moore and Camila d'Errico (here's one of d'Errico's pieces)

They have cover sketches by Simone Bianchi, including this one of Dark X-Men #1 (here is the listing)...

Finally, they amazingly enough have one of Frank Miller's drawing chairs, signed by the man himself! Here is the listing...

That's just the auctions! They have a number of other items available directly for purchase! Here is a nice piece detailing all the various coolness (including signed Flash and Green Lantern hardcovers by Geoff Johns and Sandman traded by Neil Gaiman!).

One of the notable group of items for sale are a small quantity of signed and numbered limited edition Moebius hardcover collections from the 1980s! These are full-color collections limited to 1,500 pieces each!

So anyways, go check out the various stuff the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has for sale. You get to buy cool stuff and they get to keep helping to protect the First Amendment!

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