Last Jedi Remake's Parody Poster Is Appropriately Ridiculous

There's apparently some momentum among disgruntled franchise fans to remake writer/director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But the jokes to be found in this movement of devotees determined "to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys" are also plentiful, and show no sign of stopping. The latest to play off of the supposed ideals of these Star Wars "purists" is graphic designer Fernando Reza, who created a parody poster for the remake-to-be. And well, it speaks for itself.

Pointing out a few of the elements a "bunch of dudes from the Internet" have found fault with from The Last Jedi, the poster is Johnson's film on steroids. Featured is Luke Skywalker with an impossible number of abs wielding both a lightsaber and a gun, a triple Death Star, Rey in the kitchen cooking up some porgs, Supreme Leader Snoke presenting on his origins and his plan using an overhead projector, and a slightly curvier bikini-clad Leia.

Additionally, in the poster Finn is seen hunting down Rose, a nod to the online harassment co-star Kelly Marie Tran experienced, leading her to leave Instagram.

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Johnson has tweeted his "support" to see such a film come to fruition. Of course, it's likely only out of morbid curiosity at what exactly these fired-up fans think they could come up with.

Despite purely symbolic pledges on the Remake The Last Jedi website totaling more than $400 million  and the supposed backing of a producer who will match that figure dollar, supporters will likely never see their dream come to fruition. In order to do it, they not only need the rights to  Star Wars — which Disney and Lucasfilm would never grant them — but they also have asked the studio to place all of its planned Star Wars projects on hold in order to course-correct the franchise.

The remake enthusiasts will likely have to set their dream aside. But on the bright side, they did get a pretty rad poster out of it.

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