The Last Jedi: 15 Plot Holes Too Big To Ignore

The Last Jedi is the follow up to 2015’s The Force Awakens. It’s the second brand new ‘Saga’ film, and one word that frequently gets thrown around to describe it, is ‘bold’. Critics describing it that way, aren’t wrong. The film pushes all of the characters in new directions, into new relationships, conflicts and also gives them impossible decisions to make. It builds on and explores this new portion of the Galaxy introduced to us. But it’s not all plain sailing for Star Wars. Like most films, it has moments that just don’t seem to fit right amongst the other films and even itself.

There are plot holes, and we’ve found some of them to open your eyes. Don’t get us wrong, we loved The Last Jedi, it’s a fantastic ride. But it is by no means perfect. It shouldn’t be compared to previous Star Wars films because it feels very unique, but because of that it also has some very unique plot holes. There are moments that should have already occurred either during The Force Awakens or just before The Last Jedi, things that don’t make sense with the plot and questions that just don’t get answered. Here are 15 plot holes in The Last Jedi.

Warning: There are huge spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead.


So after Snoke manipulated Kylo and Rey into debating becoming allies, Rey realized the horrors that Kylo had already gone through -- and that ruling the Galaxy with him wouldn’t be best. The two engaged in a vicious battle, as they both wanted possession of Luke’s lightsaber. Using the Force, they both grappled for it.

But because they both used an immense amount of power, it cleaved the lightsaber in two, causing an explosion and throwing the pair across the room. But whilst the lightsaber was irreparable, the Kyber Crystal inside it was clearly still in-tact. How did that amount of power not do any damage to it whatsoever? It should have at least cracked it, similar to how Kylo Ren’s Kyber Crystal is, needing the vents.


For us, one of the weaker parts of The Last Jedi actually involved Poe, as much as it pains us to say it. He’s a great character, but he didn’t exactly have a lot to do except get angry at the lack of a plan and then go for a mutiny against Holdo. She withheld her plan of cloaking the signals of the transports as they escaped whilst still flying the cruiser from Poe.

But why did she do that exactly? It’s implied that she’s worried about First Order spies and morale of the Resistance. But there’s no direct reasoning apart from some motivational words of wisdom from Holdo and Leia about Poe growing as a leader. If she’d told him the plan, then the slightly destructive mutiny would never have taken place and Poe might have been able to help in some way. Damn it, Holdo.


One of the most intriguing parts of The Last Jedi was the newfound connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. Supreme Leader Snoke connected the two of them mentally, and they established something of a partnership before taking Snoke and his guards down. Ultimately, they disagreed on how to use their power for good. But their link is still there.

So surely Kylo Ren should be able to see where Rey is now, and if she’s with the Resistance -- he’ll be able to see what their plans are, where they’re planning to hide and so on. It puts them in a tricky situation, because now the enemy has a direct link the Resistance. Surely this is going to cause issues amongst the group once Rey reveals that Kylo can see exactly where she is? Hmm.


The Force Awakens gave us a brand new trio of characters to root for, Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. Poe and Finn became best friends when Finn broke him out of imprisonment. People still think that there could be a romantic connection between the two, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Rey however, hasn’t even met Poe yet -- because they get introduced at the end of The Last Jedi.

What about the period of time when Starkiller Base had been destroyed and everyone was back on D’Qar? Especially when they reunited the map from BB-8 and R2-D2, they were both in the room. It would have made sense that he would’ve been part of the conversation to just send Rey and Chewie instead of say, Leia or Poe.


During their search for the Master Code Breaker, Finn and Rose end up at the gambling city of Canto Bight. They witness all manner of cruelty going on in the underbelly of the city, it’s not all fun and games. Like a group of orphans being forced into work by a mean track keeper. They help Finn and Rose escape.

And at the end of the film, one of the Orphans is wearing a ring, that when turned reveals the Rebel insignia. Okay, great use of symbolism, but who gave the kid the ring? It wasn’t Finn, and Rose did have a ring but we didn't see her give it away (if she did would it hurt to show it?). Plus, they were too preoccupied with escaping. Canto Bight wasn’t exactly a bustling hub of Rebel activity, so we’re not completely sure where he got hold of it.


Cast your mind back to The Force Awakens, Rey was abandoned on Jakku by her parents and became a scavenger. She showed no signs of being a Force user (that we know of), and they only began to manifest after the lightsaber began calling to her at Maz Kanata’s castle. Obviously every Force user is different.

But unless they’ve been given specific Jedi/Sith/Force-Training, usually younger children couldn’t directly control the Force. So how could the Orphan at the end of The Last Jedi use the Force to grab the broomstick? Unless he’s the offspring of Luke’s students at the Jedi Academy, it seems like an odd choice for a random Orphan to have access to the Force if he’s not related to anybody in particular. Only time will tell.


Okay, not to diminish from Vice Admiral Holdo’s brave sacrifice during the end of The Last Jedi, but we’re not entirely convinced. She stayed onboard the cruiser so that she could defend the fleeing transport ships. Okay, that makes sense. But she then decides to stay on board to go through Snoke’s ship at lightspeed to destroy it.

The Star Wars galaxy is a technologically advanced place, they have so many capabilities with their ships. Is Rian Johnson really expecting us to believe that she couldn’t have set a timer for the lightspeed jump, giving her a few moments to jump into an escape pod and join the rest of the Resistance? Sure, a hero's death is a noble way to go, but she could have made it into Episode IX just fine.


One of the most epic scenes of the entire film was when Luke appeared in the base on Crait, promising to defeat Kylo and face down the First Order as the Resistance made their escape. He dodged all of Kylo Ren’s rage filled attacks, and it was finally revealed that he wasn’t there at all. He was a Force-projection/hologram.

But since the fight Kylo had just with Rey cut Luke’s old blue lightsaber in half, surely he should have spotted the fact that Luke was now holding the lightsaber as if it was back to normal. Plus, Luke looked a lot younger, with more brown in his hair rather than gray like how he looks in the present day. Obviously this was more for symbolic reasons but still, Kylo should have known.


A large portion of the film dealt with the First Order chasing the Resistance as they fled their base on D’Qar. They only had a limited supply of fuel, and since the First Order had ‘developed’ tracking technology through lightspeed, they couldn’t escape. (That isn’t resolved by the way, they still have the technology by the end of the film).

But if they only have a limited fuel supply, and are heading in one specific direction, why don’t the First Order just blow them all to smithereens? After all, there’s several Imperial Star Destroyers and Snoke’s behemoth ship, they easily have enough firepower to take all the ships down at once instead of one at a time. It seems an odd tactic. It’s almost as if it’s been written in a specific way to allow the Resistance to win…


We saw the temple on fire, we saw Ben Solo decide to fight against Luke and we even heard Skywalker say that he ambitiously tried to start a new Jedi Order. In between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, there’s some answers lying in wait, and we want them.

Because where are the rest of the students from Luke’s academy? The explanation is that he killed them, but we never hear Kylo or Luke properly discuss it. We need to be shown the massacre, otherwise there could there still be Force users out there with some Jedi training. Now would be a great time to try and find them. It would also provide a good explanation as to the force orphans at the end of the new film…


Cast your mind back to the first few trailers for The Force Awakens. We saw some footage of the ‘Knights of Ren’ and understandably assumed that they would play a bigger part in the movie. They certainly looked intimidating, and their connection to Kylo was intriguing to say the least. Are they Kylo Ren’s Knights? Or is Ren another entity entirely?

Well, they’re barely even mentioned in the film. It’s pointed out that Kylo destroyed the temple with them, but were they waiting for Luke to attack Kylo? Or was the plan to destroy the temple and this new Jedi order already in place? We have no clue, it’s a shame because Kylo amassing followers would be captivating to see. We’ve still got more questions, where are they now? Did Kylo kill them? We may never know.


Does the question that everyone wanted answering get a definitive conclusion? No. There’s a potential answer, but quite frankly it was so vague and in such a dull reveal that it feels like a disservice to fans if that’s truly where she comes from. It starts when Rey goes into the Dark Side cave on Ahch-To. She sees a mirrored version of herself, and when two shadowy figures step forward and then combine in to one it’s revealed to be Rey herself.

Kylo then explains that they were nobodies, who traded her for drink money. That’s it. That’s the big reveal. What? No Kenobi/Luke/Palpatine twist for you here, Rey’s parentage is supposedly not important. It could be misdirect, but if they were nobodies, why make such a big deal out of it during The Force Awakens? Hmm.


Anybody going into The Last Jedi looking for answers from two of the biggest questions coming out of The Force Awakens is going to be a little disappointed. One of them, was the reveal of Snoke’s identity. Many thought he could have been Darth Plagueis, whilst others thought it was Darth Vader or even Darth Sidious.

Unfortunately, before we get to learn more about the shadowy villain running the First Order, he’s cut in half by Kylo Ren. He’s distracted by trying to manipulate Ren into killing Rey, and Kylo ignites Luke’s old lightsaber as it sits next to Snoke. There’s no other conversations in the film about Snoke, so his identity is still a mystery left unanswered. We’re still holding out for episode IX or even a comic series about him.


This plot hole stretches back to The Force Awakens. The film did a great job of setting up a new corner of the universe and bringing back the characters that everyone loved from the original trilogy. Yes, it was partially a redo of A New Hope. But a key part of the plot revolved around finding a map that would lead to Luke Skywalker.

During The Last Jedi, Luke made a specific point that he wanted to be left completely alone in exile. Then who made the map to find him afterwards? He flew there using his X-Wing, we saw it submerged underwater. He didn’t have R2-D2 with him, so somebody else obviously knew his location. Lor San Tekka gave Poe the missing piece, but who did he get it from? Or did Luke tell him where he was going? We need answers.


The end of The Last Jedi saw Kylo Ren face off against his former master in an impressive showdown on the salt planet, Crait. Even though Luke ‘survived’ a barrage of laser blasts, and never once connected with Kylo’s blade, he managed to provide a distraction whilst the Resistance fled. It turned out that this Luke was some kind of ‘Force-Hologram’.

And after he’d managed to distract Kylo and the Resistance long enough, he let Kylo discover that he wasn’t really facing his former master at all. And dies on Ahch-To after the stress of the fight. But what really killed him? Stress? Heart problems? It’s not explained, as he simply disappears whilst staring into the sun. It’s a mirror of how Obi-Wan died in A New Hope, but come on Rian Johnson, Luke deserves better than that.

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