Larsen writes 'Savage Dragon' screenplay, talks hopes for a film

Savage Dragon is rapidly approaching its 200th issue, and creator Erik Larsen has hit another milestone: He's written a Savage Dragon screenplay, which he made public earlier today on Facebook and Twitter.

Larsen announced it by simply stating, "As of 2:06 this morning a Savage Dragon screenplay exists. Wish me luck," but went into more detail on Facebook comments and Twitter replies.

"As far as actors go -- I'd rather get a guy with decent acting chops than try to find somebody built like Dragon," the writer/artist stated on Facebook. "Savage Dragon NEEDS to be constructed. No human being has fists the size of loafs of bread. He can't just be a normal muscle man and normal muscle men don't have the comedic timing and acting chops needed to pull off the part." That said, he also wrote that he doesn't necessarily think the film needs to go full-tilt CGI: "I would think Dragon could be mostly real -- with CG arms and chest."

As no studio deal appears to be in place for the film, Larsen also tempered expectations for the project at this point. "This is a first step and it's an important one," he wrote. "But in terms of a movie becoming a reality -- it's far from that. Many people write screenplays. Few get turned into movies. My expectations are realistic, I think. The chance of it becoming a reality is slim but it's an exercise. I wanted to do it."

The initial Savage Dragon miniseries debuted in 1992 as one of the first Image Comics titles, but the character dates back to Larsen's elementary school days. In 1995, a Savage Dragon animated series aired for one season on the USA Network.

Larsen is hoping for his screenplay to be produced as a live-action film, but didn't completely rule out animation. "At this point it's words on paper and I guess it could go either way but the intention is live action," he told a fan on Twitter.

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