Larsen First to Depict Obama as President Elect

In a one-page piece created exclusively for Red Eye's Geek To Me blog, Erik Larsen depicts Barack Obama's first major comic book appearance since becoming President Elect of the United States just seven days ago. In the piece, President Elect Obama shakes hands with Larsen's signature character, the Savage Dragon, whose famous endorsement the fictionalized Obama credits with putting him over the top to win the election.

The Geek To Me comic comes after numerous occurrences linking President Elect Obama to nerd culture, most notable among them a humorous remark made at last month's Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York, where Obama claimed he was born on Superman's home planet of Krypton.

Obama's fictional relationship with Larsen's Savage Dragon is appropriate, as the green-skinned, fin-headed Image Comics mainstay debuted as a police officer in the President Elect's home of Chicago, Illinois. After a twelve-year diversion from police work (including an ultimately unsuccessful Presidential bid of his own), the Dragon is set to return to his classic vocation in February's "The Savage Dragon" #145, with Larsen telling Red Eye, "Writing and drawing Savage Dragon as a cop after nearly 12 years feels good--it feels right. It's a homecoming of sorts and it's a joy to be back."

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