Larry Hama Kickstarts Cyberpunk Film With Indie Director

Fan-favorite G.I. Joe comic book writer Larry Hama has teamed with indie director and G.I. Joe fan Mark Cheng to launch a creator-owned science fiction film. Ghost Source Zero began its Kickstarter campaign on Jan. 27 with a $65,000 goal.

Perhaps most intriguing about the entire project -- a cyberpunk story filmed by a reality-show crew -- is how Cheng and Hama entered into their creative partnership, a story the filmmaker detailed in an Indiewire post promoting the Kickstarter. After Cheng sent his G.I. Joe fan film Operation Red Retrieval to Hama, the two met up in person to discuss shared interests and decided to work together on a project.

"I had a screenplay or two. Larry also had unpublished projects. So we agreed to a swap. On a handshake. I'd read his, he'd read mine. Over emails we exchanged documents and I burned through Larry's work enjoying it all and periodically stopping to geek out at how cool this all was," Cheng wrote in his Indiewire post. "Likewise, I gave Larry my screenplay for Ghost Source Zero. The story is about a military police unit in the future that busts rogue hackers and renegade androids for cyber-crimes. The team's investigation of high tech assassinations leads them down a path to the ultimate in artificial intelligence conspiracies. It's a classic whodunnit wrapped in a cyberpunk action movie."

To get a better idea of the concept and quality Hama and Cheng are aiming for, they've posted a "micro episode" of Ghost Source Zero via Machinima.

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