Larime Taylor Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Help Pay for Wife's Cancer Treatments

Larime Taylor has gained notoriety for his unique style of drawing. Due to his arthrogryposis, he creates his comics entirely using his mouth, biting down on a stylus while he draws and writes using a tablet. He's gained many fans for his work on Image/Top Cow's"A Voice in the Dark," and now unfortunate circumstances has led him to reach out to those supporters for help.

Taylor's wife, Sylv, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer late last year. However, due to her complicated immigration status, she isn't eligible for health insurance nor many of the benefits available to patients in need of chemo therapy.

Sylv moved to the United States from Canada in 1994 with the promise of a job with a company that had just won a contract in French Canada. When the company collapsed, Sylv was left without work and without a visa or immigration papers. Even though she and Taylor have been married for 18 years, his small income and her lack of legal hireability makes it nearly impossible to meet the necessary requirements for citizenship (they need $2,000 for the application plus a sponsor earning over $50,000 a year to take responsibility for Sylv). Though Homeland Security is aware of her situation and has allowed her to remain in the country, they can do nothing to help her get insurance.

Taylor earns a small sum for his comic work, supplementing it by drawing caricatures on the Las Vegas strip. Thus, he's reaching out to friends, fans, and the big hearted to help fund Sylv's cancer treatment. He's launched a GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $40,000 for the six rounds of chemo plus additional expenses.

Since launching the campaign on October 14, they've raised $1,320 (as of this writing), which is about 22.7% of the total cost for one round of treatment. Each round costs $414 for the base treatment, $1,600 for the PET scan to make sure it's working, and $3,800 for a booster shot to prevent sickness after the treatments. There's a chance the Taylors' will qualify for a program that would comp the booster shots, but they still need your help.

To donate, head to the Chemo for Sylv GoFundMe campaign page.

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