Lapham gets down and dirty with <i>Caligula</i> in March

Via the March solicitations for Avatar Press comes word that Stray Bullets creator David Lapham is writing a six-issue miniseries starring notorious Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, otherwise known as Caligula.

Here's the solicitation text: "In March, David Lapham (of Stray Bullets fame) debuts a new six-issue sweeping epic with CALIGULA #1. In an age of depravity, one man's perverse appetites horrified the entire Roman Empire. A ruler who began as a generous man but who ended as the most debased of monarchs, Caligula exemplifies the very concept that absolute power corrupts absolutely. No stranger to horror (as fans of his CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES series can attest), Lapham delivers the bloody tale of the infamous emperor – but with a supernatural twist – as illustrated by new talent German Nobile."

Avatar also has a new Night of the Living Dead miniseries kicking off in March by Mike Wolfer and Dheeraj Verma. You can see the cover and solicitation info after the jump.

Back by popular demand, Mike Wolfer (Gravel, Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream) returns to the classic Romero franchise with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: DEATH VALLEY #1, the first chapter in a gruesome five-issue saga. Set two thousand miles from the devastating zombie plague that ravaged the eastern seaboard, DEATH VALLEY follows a group of young weekend warriors whose interests include dune buggies and bikini-chasing. But something else is hiding under the desert sun, an undead horror that seeks to turn the sands blood red. The all-new splatterfest is illustrated in all its gory glory by Dheeraj Verma (Escape of the Living Dead).

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