LAOC Essentials Vol. 11: Tippie, 1945

Story by
Art by
Edwina Dumm
Cover by
IDW Publishing

Collecting the works of one of the most important female cartoonists of all time, Tippie will appeal to comics readers, students of women's studies, and dog lovers. Edwina Dumm was the country's first female full-time editorial cartoonist, and one of its first female syndicated comic strip creators. Tippie is truly a Library of American Comics Essential, providing a crucial reading experience and offering perspective on the early work of women in the field.

LOAC Essentials reprints, one year at a time, the daily newspaper strips that are essential to comics history, in a format that preserves, as closely as possible, the original reader experience.

  • Advance solicited for March release!
  • Perfect for fans of comic strips like Dennis the Menace, The Family Circus, Stone Soup, Foxtrot, Marmaduke, Mutts, and Calvin & Hobbes.

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