Landing on its feet in 2012: Image teases something from Brandon Graham

Image Comics sent out a teaser today with the above image and the subject line "Landing on its feet in 2012." They didn't share any other details, but I'm pretty certain the art is Brandon Graham, and based on the setting and the cat's shadow, I suspect this has something to do with King City. Maybe Image is releasing a collection, or, dare I hope, is it a new King City project?

A collection seems more likely; Graham said earlier this year that Tokyopop was looking at possibly releasing a collection of the completed series, and even printing it at the size of the Image issues. But that was before the company imploded. So maybe Image is once again picking up where Tokyopop left fans hanging? It would certainly fit the tagline, "landing on its feet," considering the book's publishing history.

Then again, if it's a new project from Graham, I'd certainly be down for that, too.

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